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Entire PNP To Undergo Lifestyle Checks

Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno has requested yesterday a clearing lifestyle checks to the whole PNP force taking after President Duterte's announcement that various police authorities are connected with illegal drug trade.
Sueno assigned the Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald de la Rosa to continue with the lifestyle checks in the PNP, beginning with the generals.

"As public servants, we are required to be models of honesty, integrity and professionalism. So if the policemen or whatever other government worker for that matter have acquired unexplained wealth while in active service, they have a lot of explaining to do," according to Sueno.

Sueno took the prompt from Duterte's naming of the 5 "narco generals" which were claimed to be defenders of the illegal drug trade.

Among them is previous PNP deputy director general Marcelo Garbo Jr.

Likewise named were Director Joel Pagdilao and Chief Superintendents Bernardo Diaz, Edgardo Tinio and Vicente Loot, who has resigned and is the recently chosen Mayor of Daanbantayan town in Cebu.

Various police authorities are said to live past their means, with a few houses and extravagance vehicles and enjoying costly vices.

The five officers have denied the allegations, saying Duterte could have been bolstered wrong or harmed information.

Garbo, who has yet to turn out, just sent an announcement denying his connection to illegal drugs and that he was not a defender of a specific Peter Co.

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