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"Duterte Effect" More Than 4,000 Drug Pushers, Runners And Users Surrendered To Authorities In Tagum, Davao Del Norte

Is this another result of the ‘Duterte Effect’ in our country?

After President Rodrigo declared his war against drugs and criminality in the country it seems like more and more people who are involve in drugs and crimes voluntarily surrenders because of Duterte’s promise to end their lives if they are to continue such deeds.

More than 4,000 surrendered to authorities in Tagum City and city officials are instructing them all at once.

Duterte recently named 5 so-called ‘nacro-general’ or police generals who are protecting drug syndicates and drug lords.

Those 5 generals are now under investigation by NAPOLCOM.

Duterte warned 2 or the drug lords he named that are in New Bilibid Prison not to escape prison or they’re as good as dead, he also warned the last drug lord who is out of the country to never return or he will die too.

Source: TrendTitan

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