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What Are The Things To Expect On Duterte's Inauguration? Must Read!

With only a few expected guests and a simple feast to welcome them, the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is going to hold his inauguration at Malacañang Palace on June 30. There are also a few things to expect on the incoming President's inauguration.

While other Presidents before Duterte held their inauguration rites at Quirino Grandstand in Manila, the incoming President's inauguration will happen at Malacañang’s Rizal Ceremonial Hall on June 30.

It is also said that the former wife of Duterte, Elizabeth Zimmerman, asked the Presidential Management Staff to let her have a separate seat from Honeylet Avanceña, Duterte’s current partner so as to avoid an “awkward” situation.

Duterte will not be inaugurated side-by-side Vice President-elect Leni Robredo. Separate oath-taking rites will be held between the incoming President and Vice President contrary to traditions.

Duterte's barong will not be made from piña but instead will be made from cotton because he dislike the traditional barong for it is itchy to wear. Davao-based designers Chard Pulatche and Bonnie Adaza will be designing the barong Duterte will wear on his inauguration.

It had been known that no Vin d’Honneur, but a simple menu consisting of monggo, kesong puti, and durian tartlets catered by Via Mare will be served. Expect that guests will not find expensive food items like champagne, blue cheese, or caviar. Fried bananas and drinks like dalandan and pine-mango juices are also going to be served.

Contrary to previous reports that the media are barred from covering the event, the inauguration’s organizers has allowed only nine broadcasting companies to cover the event. Incoming Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella also announced that Facebook Asia has offered livestream coverage of the event so that overseas Filipino workers can watch the event.

Duterte’s speech is still ongoing revision, but there is also possibilities that the incoming President will not follow the script, and instead deliver it extemporaneously.

Source: InterAksyon

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