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Philippines Top 10 Issues: Mocha Uson's EXCLUSIVE Interview With President Duterte!

Mocha Uson, the leader of the all female group Mocha Girls is known to be a vocal and solid supporter of Duterte ever since the campaign period started. 

Now, with the help of the people during the candidacy, they managed to elect Duterte as the President of the Philippines. 

On the recent post of Mocha Uson, she narrated how every one in the Malacanang of the South lined up to have a chance to talk to the next president of the Philippines. 

Everyone including the business tycoons lined up there. Mocha waited for 5 hours to give the top 10 list of the wish of the people from Duterte.

The list includes the removal of provincial rate, implementation of death penalty, problems in traffic, assistance for OFWs, Crime and Corruption. 

The answer of Duterte towards these things can be seen on this video. 

Source: MochaUsonBlog

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