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Juan Trending News! UV Express Driver Violated Two Women Inside His Van, Victim Asks For Duterte's Help!

The authorities arrested a man who drives a colorum UV Express shuttle who is being accused of taking advantage of two passengers inside the said van. This incident happened in Quezon City last week. 

The victims were aged 22 and 27 who rode the UV Express in Quezon Avenue-EDSA on Friday night. 

The driver was said to have an accomplice who declared a hold-up when they were in Batasan Hills. He then tied up the victims and took their  things. 

The two suspects violated the women when they were driving around Bulacan and Caloocan. Then they dumped the women in Sauyo Road

The driver was identified as Wilfredo Lorenzo. He was arrested as he was picking up other passengers along Commonwealth Avenue

A plastic of suspected shabu was found in his van. He was also tested and had positive results on the drug test. 

"President, kailangan namin ng tulong niyo. Wala nang dapat mabuhay na ganyan, maraming mabibiktima. Kaya kong manindigan, patayin niyo lang siya," one of the victims cried out.

Source: ABS-CBN

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