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Juan Trending News! Private School Teacher Allegedly Violated His 15-year Old Student. Shocking!

Teachers are supposed to be the cornerstone of learning to their students. They are the ones who mold and hone the young generation. But not for the case of 15-year old Michelle who was allegedly violated by his 28-year old P.E. Teacher in a Private School at Parañaque. In an entrapment operation by the Parañaque City Mayor's Action Team, the teacher was caught in a video, putting his arms around the girl and even kissing her. 

According to Michelle's mother, Marife, it started when Michelle enrolled in a summer volleyball program spearheaded by the teacher named Kurt Patrick Ferrer. The teacher convinced both her daughter that she has a great potential in playing the sport. Later in the interview, Michelle revealed that there's this one time where the suspect asked her to come to his house to fetch the ball for the game. But little did she know of her teacher's true intentions. This is where Ferrer r@ped Michelle. "Pinilit niya akong umakyat sa kwarto niya, pinilit niya ako, natatakot ako." Michelle said in an interview. The said incident happened for 2 more times. 

Marife is deeply saddened with what happened. She is a single mom to three kids and had been raising them on their own. She regrets trusting the teacher. 

Meanwhile, Ferrer denies the accusation and claims that he and Michelle has a relationship. Nonetheless, he faces 3 cases against him, including r@pe and violation of RA 7610. 

Source: ABS-CBN

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