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Juan Trending News! No Profanity for Duterte's Inaugural Speech. Must Read!

In a twist from his long-winding and profanity-laden impromptu speeches, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will deliver a short, formal public address on his June 30 inauguration.

Juan Trending News! No Profanity for Duterte's June 30 Speech. Must Read!
Image Source: GMA News

In charge of drafting Duterte’s inaugural speech, Davao City administrator Jesus Melchor Quitain, said it will be delivered in English and formal manner.

True to the President-elect’s character, Quitain said the inaugural speech will be direct to the point. Without saying any further details, he said Duterte’s message will be a call to  every Filipino to help him raise the country.

The inaugural speech, however, will not have any swear words the tough-talking President-elect Duterte mostly used.

Duterte’s inauguration will be held at the Rizal Hall of MalacaƱan Palace with around 500 guests  invited to the event.
Source: GMA News

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