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Juan Trending News! LOOK: Leni Robredo Wants Inauguration to be 'Simple and Modest'. READ HERE!

After Duterte's Inauguration team publicized incoming president's wish for the ceremony, Vice President-Elect Leni Robredo's transition team has also expressed Robredo's wishes with her separate inauguration. Leni Robredo will take her oath as the 2nd highest official of the country at the Quezon City Reception House, formerly the controversial "Boracay Mansion" on June 30, 2016.

This is located in the posh parts of New Manila. Boyet Dy, head of Robredo's transition team, confirmed that the ceremony will start at 9am and ends at 10am. They will accommodate at least 300 invited guests. 

Though there will be a good distribution of invitation, Dy claims that most will be coming from the marginalized group of society or the so-called 'laylayan' by Robredo. He said that Robredo wishes the ceremony to be simple and modest but food and wardrobe are not yet final as of the moment. It can be recalled that Robredo personally chose Rolando Coner, captain Punta Tarawal, the smallest, farthest and poorest town of Camarines Sur’s third district, to administer her oath taking. 

After the official oath-taking, Robredo will go straight to QC Memorial Circle as her supporters gather there. It will start with the flag-raising ceremony with the National Anthem to be led by The Payatas Children's Choir. 

Meanwhile, President-elect Duterte will have his oath taking at MalacaƱang on June 30, 2016 at around noontime. 
Source: Inquirer

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