According to a source from the camp of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has pointed out the convicted drug kingpin Peter Co as the mastermind of raising a “bounty of P50 million each” for the incoming President and his anointed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

“Originally, the offer was only P10 million but since nobody took the offer, it was raised to P50 million each,” the source said.

Speaking on condition that he would not be named, the source told The Manila Times that the information was relayed to them by intelligence sources “from within and outside [New] Bilibid [Prisons]” or NBP, the national penitentiary.

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“We have different sources yet the information is the same. We have a saying that where there is smoke there is fire. Peter Co is said to be the drug kingpin who raised the issue of bounty. There are other big-time drug traffickers with him but he is now said to be the one running the show,” the source said.

Dela Rosa had confirmed having received reports that drug lords have been planning to have him and Duterte assassinated for fear of the incoming government’s “deadly” campaign against illegal drugs.

Duterte himself vowed to pay a reward of P5 million for anyone who kills a drug lord and P3 million in case one is taken alive

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