Juan Timely Change! It's Time for Media to Look Beyond Duterte's Expletives Says Lazatin. Must Read!

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has withdrawn himself from Philippine media by initiating his own “boycott” after some controversies involving the way the President talks during press-cons.
These includes his standpoint on media killings, saying that some of those slain “deserved” their fate for being corrupt journalists. This caused Paris-based watchdog group Reporters Without Borders to compel journalists to boycott the Davao city mayor.

Duterte's supporters, however, have warned the media against misinterpreting the pronouncements of the president-elect saying they need to be “more discerning.”

Vince Lazatin of MediaNation and TAN said, it’s time for press reports to change focus to the real meaning of the president-elect's speeches over his expletives.
According to him, the media, to better report on Duterte, should treat him as a “troll who says things just to provoke” since falling into his trap would lead the discussion out of topic.

Lazatin, also said that Duterte’s statement that there are corrupt members of the media is real and should be addressed.
Source: Rappler

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