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Juan Shocking News! Homeless Woman Gave Birth Outside A District Hospital After She Was Denied Of Assistance!

A footage of a homeless pregnant woman who tried to enter the district hospital of their area and was refused has been making rounds on social media sites.

Based on the reports, this woman was denied access to have medical assistance due to the fact that she does not have money or any relatives.

Some of the people were kind enough to assist her as she was delivering the baby outside the hospital. There are some nurses who helped her out to give birth to the child safely.

She was only given a wheelchair and the baby was taken care after it was delivered.

There are no confirmation regarding the issue of why the woman was not accepted inside the hospital.

The netizens were enraged after  seeing the said post. But others claim that they should not make any judgement about the situation because they do not know the side of the hospital yet.

Source: Facebook

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  1. ganon na mn halos ng mga hospital .. hindi ka tanggapin pag wlang pra at insurance na ipapakita sa kanila huhuhu


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