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Juan Health News! Cure Diabetes in Only 5 minutes Discovered by a Filipino Doctor

Based on the numbers that the International Diabetes Foundation released, Philippines is said to be one of the emerging with highest cases of diabetes in the world. 

Philippines is ranked as the top 15 with more than 4 million people diagnosed with diabetes. 

This is also one of the leading causes of why people dies. There are tons of research being created in order to get the best cure for the diabetes. One of the people that claims to have found the cure is Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco who is a metabolic medicine doctor

He claims that he has found the treatment that cures the diabetes in 5 minutes. 

- 12 pcs of Chili pepper (siling labuyo)
- 2 raw eggs
- tsp of sea salt

Grind and cut the chili peppers. Then mix it with the raw eggs. Combine the sea salt. Once mixed together, drink it.

Source: Facebook, TheConfidentialFiles


  1. How aften do I have to drink this mixture ?

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