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Juan Celebrity News! Ella Cruz On Fire As She Danced The 'Trumpets' Challenge!

Ella Cruz is notable for her dance covers such as 'Twerk It Like Miley' and 'Worth It' that has gone viral on social media sites. When these videos became popular online, many people dubbed Ella as the 'Teen Dance Princess' because of her remarkable dance moves. 
Due to that, tons of fans and followers are constantly checking out her Facebook pages to see if there are new dance covers that are being uploaded. 

The latest cover of Ella Cruz is the 'Trumpets'. This is her own version of the song. This is her answer to the Trumpets Challenge that recently went viral online. 

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has already gained more than 360 thousand views and 8 thousand shares. 

Ella Cruz is one of the most sought after dancers online. She was also featured by Dawin in one of his videos that was shot in the Philippines.
Source: ABS-CBN, YouTube

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