On Tuesday, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte wants Constitution be reformed through Constitutional Convention(con-con) as the means for a shift into a federal system of government, according to the expected next Speaker of the House.
Juan Breaking News! Duterte Wants Con-Con To Formulate New Charter For Federal Government. Must Read!

Davao Del Norte Representative Pantaleon Alvarez expects bill to call for a Con-con to be filed immediately when the 17th Congress opens on July 25.

In a Constitutional Convention, representatives elected through popular vote will meet to discuss proposed amendments to the Constitution.

Another way of revising the constitution is through a constitutional assembly(Con-Ass), in which both the House and the Senate are called together for the purposes of changing the Charter.

The other method of Constitutional amendment is through a people's initiative, in which a petition is filed and presented to the public for their signatures.
"I guess the President wants a constitional convention para walang masabi ang mga tao na self-serving ang gusto nating mangyari sa Constitution—para sa kanya," the representative said during the Inquirer Group's multimedia forum in Makati City.

Alvarez said changing the form of government would also help solve the traffic woes affecting Metro Manila since people from the provinces no longer need to come to the capital in search of a better life.

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