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Duterte Should Have Met With Robredo But Was Not Able To Pushed Through Says Go. Why?

Wednesday, Christopher “Bong” Go, the incoming special assistant of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has expressed that the incoming President and Vice President-elect Leni Robredo had a schedule to meet last Friday but was not materialized.

The reporters of Davao City have been told by Go that Robredo's camp sent someone to schedule an appointment with Duterte and that the incoming President had approve to met last Friday.

But Go also said that the emissary came back later to inform them that Leni Robredo was already committed to a scheduled trip to Japan on Friday which eventually made the meeting not able to pushed through.

Reports that Duterte's camp was being "hard to get" were not true according to Go. He also added that Duterte was only just very busy those previous times to grant a meeting with Robredo.

Source: GMA News

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