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Bureau of Customs Anticipating P23.5 Million Earnings on Auctions. Must Read!

Tuesday, June 28, at Manila International Container Port (MICP), the Bureau of Customs anticipates more than P23.5 million on a public auction of four lots and 62 containers of various merchandise.
Bureau of Customs Anticipating P23.5 Million Earnings in Auctions. Must Read!

Seventeen forty footers (17x40’) of refined sugar amounting to a floor price of P21,502,000 will  be auctioned of in accordance to the provisions of Section 2601 to 2610 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines, by the Auction and Cargo Disposal Division (ACDD).

Forty-four containers of expanded piocelan beads, expandable polystyrene beads, polyethylene beads, kane pearl and expanded polyprophylene beads amounting to a floor price of P1,728,000 are also up for disposing.

The sale lots of refined sugar are available to bidders registered in Sugar Regulatory Administration as “B” or domestic market.
The port's ACDD Chief Mr. Gerry Macatangay said, “We expects another successful public auction. This is our way of contributing to the earnings of the agency.”

Source: InterAksyon

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