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A Very Disappointed Juan! Top Four Ways How PNoy Failed The Filipinos. Must Read!

"Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap", This is the slogan that made the Filipinos vote for Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to the Presidency in 2010 in the hopes that he would be the best medicine to the unpleasant memories of the Arroyo administration.

A Very Disappointed Juan! Top Four Ways How PNoy Failed The Filipinos. Must Read!

Filipino voters were very happy at that time hearing Aquino's campaign "Libre na ulit mangarap (We’re free to dream again)".

But in his 6 years of Presidency, even with his prided so called achievements like the 4ps and among others, we cannot deny the Filipinos' growing disappointments and woes.

Aquino's presidency made many promises, as to whether he accomplished them is up to the Filipino people to say. But unfortunately as his term is coming to an end this June 30 as the next President Rodrigo Duterte is put into office, Filipinos were very vocal on their disappointment on most of the outgoing Presidents action and failure to satisfy the citizens need.

Here are the top four reasons why the Filipinos are very despondent to the Aquino administration.

  1. Failure in taking action to principal problems in the National Capital Region - The unsolved issues in traffic, always ready to find someone to blame when problems arises like the current state of the MRT and the license plate issues in the LTO and many other urban woes which the administration has failed to analyze properly.
  2. PNoy is lacking in empathy - This was shown in his failure to honor the fallen cops' families with his presence. He instead decided to attend the inauguration of a Mitsubishi plant than to welcome home the dead bodies of 42 police commandos killed in the Maguindanao massacre.
  3. Yolanda recovery was almost neglected because of the administrations slow action.
  4. And finally. Pnoy has many favored friends and classmates which he had difficulty distancing himself to even when this so called friends has failed to become somewhat responsible in their respective positions.

Source: Rappler

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